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1- Medium round mantis container, Lid vented, used in our mantis starter kit.This is still the best smaller container I have used. I am still using them after 16+ years. They work for both Spiders & Mantis. That's because they can be turned a multipul of ways for whoever is living in it. Top is our mesh lid or cloth lid.  Picture showing mom jumper with her new babies, she did not lay on the lid as I used the other bottom to house her and as such she does not lay on the lid.  Starter kit comes with lid and plug for feeding quick and simple.

1- Medium Round

  • Medium round size: 7 x 5.75 x 7". This hex is great, as you can see it has 3,4 or 5 sides you can turn it onto, including the lid. I like this feature for mantis that are molting, if the mantis is apparently in the wrong position you can turn this round to help it without disturbing the mantis. This size round is good for medium to large mantis and spider caging or any other insect that needs a large home.

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