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This is a nice mantis, the female has a pretty saddle as her wings do not extend all the way to her back end and is where she gets her common name! This budwing has black or dark purpel inside her wings. The female gets around 3". They are a mottled brown, w/aqua coloring on face, neck and leg areas.They have an excellent appetite. They originate from Africa. This species is kept as a pet only and can not be released in the U. S. They are a brave mantis and like to look around when taken out of their containers, A good size container for them is the Medium Retangle  or the Desktop aquarium. These container are large enough for a happy life.

Parashendale Agrionina

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  • The Budwing Mantis is a large mantis reaching to about 3 inches, and very bulky in size. Typically the coloration is light browns to light gray tones. The females have very short stubby wings which is where the common name of Budwing originated.

    FOOD - This mantis is not hard to feed at all! The Budwing mantis will eat just about any thing you put in the habitat. Crickets and flies are the most common feeder insects used in the raising of the Budwing. They will take mealworms, especially from forceps.

    WATER - As an adult, mist the habitat every other day.

    HOUSING - The ideal temperature is about 82 degrees, but at normal room temperature the Budwing will do fine. The lower the temperature, the less the mantis will eat and move around, but for normal growth and activity levels, keep the temperature about 82 degrees. Mantises need 2 to 3 times the length of their body to molt successfully. They literally crawl out of their skin, and need to have room to do this, or it will result in a bad molt, which leads to deformity or death. If the Budwing has wings the molting is completed, so there is no danger.

    DIFFICULTY - The Budwing is a great beginner’s mantis, it is easy to care for and it gets big!

    Summery - There are 4 mantis that I would recommend to beginners, and the Budwing is one of those.

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