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Origin: Asia, common name: Giant asian. Easy to raise and comes in a variety of colors, from lightest green to dark green, light beige to a darker color.
Size is about 4" and they live a nice long time. Easy to keep at room temps and mist once a day & feed daily except when molting. The new medium or large clear containers are good for large breeds. limit 2

Hierodula membranace fresh adult fe

  •  The Hierodula Membranacea (Giant Asian) mantis is originally from Asia. The Giant Asian mantis is the perfect mantis for the beginner hobbyist! This species is kept as a pet only and can not be released in the U. S. Size is a large species reaching close to 4". Their color ranges from yellow, lime green up to a musty brown. They are a docile mantis but very bulky & strong. They have a vigorous appetite. A good container for them is the Large Cave, Medium Cave or X Large Round.

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