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 MantisPlace has a NEW wax worm item in stock. Use the honey syrup in place of just honey. It is made with real honey and corn syrup. The worms love it. Pour in the amount needed to moisten your food before adding the glycerin. This is USDA food grade and safe for human consumption!
Honey syrup is used as a sweetner. It cost lest when using this instead of just honey. The worms and flies love it. Use just enough when making your cultures without adding extra sugar or honey..


Honey syrup 4 oz for wax worm cultures

  •    The breeding honeycomb is for laying of eggs and for the pupae to
    hid in while turning into moths. The babies can eat it for a food source
    & a hiding place mimicking their natural habitat ( invading the honey
    bee hive). This breeding honeycomb is made right here in house with my special
    additives. The food is a mixture of my own formula for optimal growth.

       Also the food added to the container will feed the babies for a couple weeks, when they are out of food, add the rest of the food to their container.
    When they reach about a ½ inch they will be ready to start pupating and then turn into moths. The moths live a little over a week and lay hundreds of eggs.

    When you receive your kit, place half of the food bag into the container Fig 2. Save the rest for when the babies have eaten all the food. Place it in your fridge. Place the breeding honeycomb into the container either on the bottom, or I prefer placing it on the 1st bottom shelf and sticking into the corresponding higher shelf so it does not move much fig 4. Add the wax worms & lid & place in a warm area at around 80F for fast growth. The cooler the area, the longer they take to mature. If you are not looking for a fast turn around that’s fine.
       After they turn in pupae/cocoons in about 2 weeks they will turn into moths. They will mate and lay their eggs in the breeding honeycomb and die off after a week or two. The adults do not live long, but lay hundreds of eggs each.
    After they die, remove the dead moths and your container will come alive with all the eggs they laid.   You can start another colony be adding mature wax worms and food to continue the process.

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