Common name: Orchid mantis. Very sought after mantis species, the females get to almost 2 3/4" and males barely over an inch.
Males keep their pink and white color when adult, as females do not. They are fun to play with and will delight you for hours. Make sure to give them flies and moths to eat and keep at room temps and above. Mist each day unless molting then take all food away. Any nice container is ok for housing.  I do not sell sexed or specific ages unless posted. Keep only as a pet, do not release in the U.S. Don't forget the airplants, mantis like to drink the water you mist off of them!

Hymenopus Coronatus not sexed

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  • A very sought after mantis. At 1st instar they are red and black, very lively and quickly run after food. At adult the male is barely an inch long and retains the pink and white colors, while the female is white with black lines running along her wings. They are long lived and are kept only as a pet, not to be released in the U.S. of America. This is one of the few mantis that like to sit instead of hanging.