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Common name: Orchid mantis. Very sought after mantis species, the females get to almost 2 3/4" and males barely over an inch. Eating hydei fruit flies right now or small house flies.

Males keep their pink and white color when adult, as females do not. They are fun to play with and will delight you for hours. Make sure to give them flies and moths to eat and keep at room temps and above. Mist each day unless molting then take all food away. Any nice container is ok for housing.  I do not sell sexed or specific ages unless posted. Keep only as a pet, do not release in the U.S.  

Hymenopus Coronatus non sexed

$125.00 Regular Price
$90.00Sale Price
  • A very sought after mantis. At 1st instar they are red and black, very lively and quickly run after food. At adult the male is barely an inch long and retains the pink and white colors, while the female is white with black lines running along her wings. They are long lived and are kept only as a pet, not to be released in the U.S. of America. This is one of the few mantis that like to sit instead of hanging.

  • I am selling the orchids with a few things I need you to acknowledge that you understand. Please do not purchase them unless you are willing to take care of them propertly or notice any risks involved.
    First they are 1st instar, meaning they just hatched and will be molting into 2nd instar which makes them safe to ship. They are guaranteed to arrive alive. Meaning if the mantis is dead, you must take a picture of it and send by email before 24 hrs are up, no exceptions. I guarantee them to live at least that long after shipping so you dont get it and for some reason it dies on you over night. I cannot be rushed to send them as no mantis will go out after wednesday noon. I do not want it stuck over the weekend somewhere. Also like I said they have to molt. If I do not have enough for these orders that have molted and rested 1 day I have to wait to send them. Another thing, if they are purchased and have molted and going into another molt they will also be held until that is done. What that means is say they are 2nd instar, and you order them a week later, they are then nearer to another molt and I can't risk sending them if I see that. How do I know, because they won't eat and strike at the flies. If that is all understood, they feel free to order. I just do not want anyone expecting something that puts the mantis at risk in shipping. These will be eating house flies at 2nd instar. They can have moths, but no super worms please or crickets and absoulutly no ants. I sell wax worms in a cocoon that will turn into a moth which they love to eat. They do like it a little warm, about 80F is good. They like a drink each day, so mist near them with distilled or tap water that has sat out a good day or more for the bleach to leach out of the water. At this age they can have 4- 6 house flies a day. Crickets are not a good food for them. They can eat the mantis. If any food is left with the mantis after 20 minutes, remove it. You can try again later but watch that the mantis is not going into a molt, if it is it will strike at the food, but has no intention of catching it. The food will upset the mantis and may cause it to molt bad and die.  They do not need any substrate, but some people like to use the spaghnum moss. It may help with any smell of dying food, but is not necessary. I do not use it so I can clean cages quickly. You can feed it wax worms a couple times a week or mealworms. Do not feed anything to the mantis that eats carrots. For some reason carrots seem to cause mantis to die.  I am selling small aquariums with a light that should give it the extra heat if you  want them, you are not required to purchase anything with the mantis but order what you would like. The shipping for mantis is $44.95  alone with some flies I will send with it, if it arrives dead, you can have a refund or pay for shipping. The mantis is guaranteed, shipping is not.  If ordering supplies there will be an upcharge in shipping as it goes by USPS and the shipping companies charge by weight. I am telling you all this so you know what to expect. The mantis is hard to come by and the price is far most higher than other mantis, but because of that they cost more. It has taken almost a year to raise the parents and wait for oothecas to hatch, which is why they are sparce. I don't want anyone purchasing them and not understanding what is needed in shipping and of course their need to molt. I have a care sheet on  my site under "mantis for sale" which should answer most questions. I hope this helps and enjoy your new baby.
    Rebecca Salutric for
    Yours truly,
    Rebecca Salutric
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