The webs of orchard spiders are the first clue to their identity. They spin an orb web, but it is typically at an oblique angle, nearly horizontal. Members of the orbweaver family usually build vertical webs. The horizontal web of the orchard spider hints at its relationship to the long-jawed spiders. The second thing one notices about this spider is that the female’s legs are green. She usually hangs under her tilted web. The body has a beautiful silvery sheen that can be viewed by peering from below. The normal view from above the web reveals a two-lobed orange spot on the upper body. Sometimes this causes confusion with the red hour-glass of a black widow. The orb web is much different from the tangle web of the widows, and the color of the spider (green) is distinctively different. Orchard spiders are most common in moist woods, but they can be found in a great variety of habitats.

Orchard spider, Leucauge venusta

  • They like to get some water a few times a week, feed every 3 days or more as you like to do. Simple container, with hopefully a fake flower head is nice to have. Proudly created with

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