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Origin: Asia, common name: Chinese Great for your garden! B3G1

Tenodera sinensis Ootheca

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  • Chinese mantis is native to our great country, they can be put outside to help with your gardens or just to enjoy around the yard. The mantis will usually stay close to where it is placed. These get to around a good 3" long and most people see them when they are children and never forget their first encounter with the praying mantis. It is a hardy mantis and will eagerly grab for its food.

    If ooth is not attached to a lid and cup and we always try to send them that way, but they go into our green system, I bleach the cup and lid and reuse them for this purpose. So unless I am out of them, I attach the ooth for you. So attach the ooth with a low heat glue gun, like the one I sell and mist it 3 to 4 times a week with either old water that has sat out for 24 hrs or distilled water, I like warm water to mist with too. The ooth should hatch in 6 to 7 weeks. See care sheet or tips and tricks page for nymph care.

  • Please note: Oothecas are not guaranteed to hatch due to the handling of how the ootheca is taken care of. I only offer ooth's that I know are fertile. Thank you. 

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