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Start your own mealworm cultures, Easy to do, just need a vented container and the pupae. Comes with 10 large pupae, water crystals,44 oz container with mesh lid. Feed them some wheat bran or a piece of wheat bread and some lettuce if you like. The beetles do not fly so no worry on them getting out.Mealworms pupa large order of large size pupa 10, These are twice the size of regular pupa. The pupa in the picture are regular and large pupa. (some ready to pupae mealworms can be mixed in kit. 

Mealworms pupa kit

  • Mealworms are about 20% protein and are available year round, they are a good feeder insect and if too large, you may cut in half or thirds to divide up for feeding.  Nutritional Content Tenibrio molitor These are the pupa that turn into the beatles. They will soon hatch into beatles and then can reproduce. But Using them as feeders are a great way to fatten your pets up. If picked up by the tail end, they wiggle making them really visible.

    Protein 19% 
    Fat 14% 
    Carbohydrates 4% 
    Fiber 2% 
    Moisture 63% 

    Please note, consider the weather when ordering live insects and purchase the shipping options they need.

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