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Shipping ploicies for mantis

Captive Bred Praying Mantis found all over the world!

   Mantis uses USPS express and priority shipping, others available upon request. Priority shipping cost $12.95 and is delivered in 2 to 3 days. Priority shipping is for non praying mantis orders. Express shipping is overnight in most areas and cost 44.95. This is for praying mantis and most supplies ordered can be shipped with your mantis orders. Sometimes orders for priority and express exceed the shipping  weight, when that happens we will bill you the extra charges through pay pal. We do not guarantee shipping, you pay for any shipping of replacements mantis or items. Live insects & pupae are only guaranteed with express shipping & received the day scheduled. If You need to Sign for package, please leave a note as it will be billed per USPS cost options that day.  Free Bogo are not guaranteed of live arrival, only original paid ones are. There are no exceptions. Pupae may hatch in shipping. Our feeder page states that & you should not purchase them if you do not expect that to happen when shipping with priority mail. There are no exceptions.

   By placing an order with, you agree to our policies, shipping methods and guarantees.

Mantis guarantees live delivery if you sign for the package. We will replace or refund for a dead mantis at our digression, we ask that in the event a mantis arrives dead that you send a picture of it when emailing us within 24 hours upon arrival. If you happen to have multiple dead, we ask that you use scotch tape to tape each nymph onto it separating them and sticking the tape to a piece of paper to send back to us. This also applies to any mantis priced at $30.00 or higher will need to be sent the same way. Carrier delays or mistakes in the handling of your shipment must be handled between you and the carrier.  We do NOT guarantee dead mantis for pinning. There are no exceptions


   Please note, We tape the cups the mantis are shipped in, please be aware that you need to completely remove the tape before removing the lid, as not to chance the nymph getting stuck in the tape!

Live shipments, ship only on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Thursdays if we can, other days per request only! This is to ensure a live mantis does not get left somewhere over the weekends. No shipments of live mantis go out in extreme weather (to hot or to cold). Restocking an order that is canceled after it is packed will be charged a 10% restocking fee.

International orders not excepted. Postal delays must be contacted by your post office.


   If you have the wrong shipping address on your order, you will have to ask for me to cancel it so you can add the right address. I will only ship to the ship too address you enter.  N0 EXCEPTIONS. Please understand I cannot be responsible for addresses that you put on the order and are not corrected. If that happens usually all is not lost, the post office that the zip code is enter for can be called and they will either hold your package for you or will forward it to the new address. This happens every now & then & the post office is happy to assist you. You must call the post office as early as they open so they can re-route the package for you.


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