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The following videos are awesome, as are the people who made them, these are from you tube, CLICK on the links to go  there and enjoy their films.
This is an old video of a little crippled mantis I had to hand feed. He was so friendly.

Wax worm diy 1

Wax Worm Set Up DIY

Wax worm diy 2

DIY Wax worm set up

Wax worm diy 3

Feeder Wax worm setup diy

Wax worm diy 4

Wax worms diy

Wax worm diy 6

Wax worm diy 5 Rotten

How to tell bad wax worms

Wax worm diy 6 collecting

collection wax worm

Wax worm diy Humid

Humidity to high

Wax worm diy 7

Feeder worms

Wax worm diy 8

Wax worms setup

Wax worm diy 9

Wax worm diy 10

diy wax worm home mic
home made wax worm culture Proudly created with

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