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Here is some history of 

   Here are some reviews & pictures of my Bugatorium.

Adopting a dead leaf mantis
Deaf leaf mantis

I have been able to do Home Schooling & I am searching for some pics to display later when I find them...

   Also I have supplied some frozen mantis to a kids club and they sent me this as a thank you. This was so nice of them and I love the frame with the wings surrounding it. 

Riker box with pinned praying mantis

 Here we have experiments with the blue bottle fly pupae

The Pennsylvania State University (

2.1 Test Specimens A blue bottle fly was used for testing in this thesis. The blue bottle fly (Calliphora vomitoria) is a medium to medium-large size fly and has a typical body that is 125 mm long [42]. The blue bottle flies used for this research were purchased from The blue bottle fly is a relatively large fly, which made the tethering process employed in this research much easier. A blue bottle fly is shown below in Figure 3. The flies were purchased as Larvae and kept in a screened enclosure while maturing. Once mature, individual flies were removed from the screened enclosure for tethering and flight mill testing.

For more info on the blue bottle fly click the PA link above for full information.

 I have been supplying this zoo for many years and have adopted a dead leaf mantis to support their insect zoo. 

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