Feeder insects

Please note: due to the increase at USPS, they have raised their rates again. So I have to too. They just got some trillion dollars from the Goverment and still raise their rates. I am so sorry I have to pass it on to you. As you notice I do not raise my prices on my items, but shipping I have no choice. Disclaimer:  Fly pupae may hatch in route when shipping, unless you pick Express shipping feeders are not guaranteed. Please consider weather when purchasing feeder insects and add to your order a heat or cold pack and insulation. Remember even pupae is a living animal & weather extremes will harm them. You will find these items on the shipping page.If your item's will not fit in this box, do not choose fly shipping, take supply instead.

Small flat rate box shown

 is 8" x 5" x 1 3/4"