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Feeder insects

   Feeder insects at Mantisplace come in many sizes & types. I offer a few here. Flies in 8 different species. There's something for all your pet needs that eats other insects. I offer house flies in 2 sizes. The false stable flies are just a house fly that is smaller than the regular house flies. I culture my fruit flies with the same recipe that I have used for years. Sometimes in shipping they will get turned over and over making the cultures themselves spread throughout the cup. This may kill the adults, but the larva will still be viable and just needs a day to settle down and start moving again. Please do not just throw them out as my cultures will last for weeks if left alone to settle down. No one can say that, but I know my cultures. 

   Flying insects are about the cheapest feeder you can buy. Crickets last time I checked are at 12 cents each. That's expensive, plus they die quickly. Praying mantis, spiders, frogs, toads, lizards & fish among others love flying insects. My flies are farm or lab raised and do not carry the usual diseases or parasites other insects may have. They may have an odor about them from time to time due to what they are.  Please note the fly pupae may hatch in shipping & spikes will pupae without express shipping, insulation & cold or heat pack. If you take priority shipping the feeders are not guaranteed live arrival. There are no longer exceptions to this. You have the choice of taking priority or express shipping & I have informed you the best I can to take express shipping, so please do not email me about their condition without taking express shipping.  The fly shipping is for fly pupae and spikes only. Fruit fly cultures will not fit in a box that is 2" tall. That is for just pupae, spikes & worms.  All FLY ORDERS WILL ONLY GO EXPRESS DUE TO THE HEAT WAVE THAT IS HERE. ORDER'S RECEIVED WITHOUT EXPRESS SHIPPING WILL GO NEXT WEEK WHEN IT COOLS DOWN. 

usps flat rate box

Small flat rate box shown

 is 8" x 5" x 1 3/4" for fly pupae only.

Clearing scale for measure


Here is how pupae is measured for orders. 1st. I zero out the scale. 2nd. I count and put in cup to see what 100 measures. Occasionally a batch is done the same way to check any changes.  This way even though I sell by weigh & not quantity you end up with approximately the amount you order.

Please note, fly spikes and pupae are going to smell. I sprinkle them with a substance to help keep the odor down. Other than that, please realize they are going to have an odor because of what they are. I have done what I can to help with that. If that offends you, then please don't order. Remember all live insects need to have express shipping to be guaranteed. If you do not take express shipping & your order is compromised, do not email me about it as they are only guaranteed live arrival without express shipping.

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