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MY STORY was started in 2006. I supplied the original owner of the site and as he had another business this was a part time hobby for him. When it quickly caught on he became to busy to continue and sold it to me. I have loved my business at the onset and continue to today. Praying mantis are unique pets for people of all ages and walks of life. I never heard of anyone getting them and not likeing them or being afraid of them. They simply love them and their attitudes! Try one, as the saying goes, you will like them.

   Shortly after taking over the business I had to trademark the "Mystery Mantis as sometimes the little guys would get loose and it was hard to tell one from another, thats how the mystery mantis came about.

   I have a tips and tricks page for you to read and incorporate some of the tips into your pets life. ENJOY! If you want to see my reviews from my Customers go to

Praying Mantis
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