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The starter kit comes with an easy to raise Jumping spider. 
Size is about 4"  with a lid that has small opening for food. The whole lid is removable. The jumpers are easy to keep at room temps and mist once a day & feed about 3 times a week except when molting.  Kit come with jumper (our choise) food, container with flower pack & water bottle.

A Starter Spider kit

$45.00 Regular Price
$40.50Sale Price
  • This includes a spider nymph, (our choice), 1 vented container, flowers, feeder flies,  instructions on caring for it  are here.

  • This species is not like other spiders. This species likes the light and sleeps at night. They do not use a web to catch food, but like the mantis seek food and jump on it, eating it right  there. They do not wrap and save it. They like to have water available and I use the water crystal to supply that. 

       They are very friendly and will not hurt you unless you are hurting them. They eat the same food the mantis does, flying moths, wax worms, spikes, mealworms, house flies and blue bottle flies and fruit flies depending on size of Jumper. They in my opinion prefer the flies. 

     They like a temp or over 72F. and really live for over a year or more. 

    So easy to care for and so much cuteness in one small package. Enjoy some today!

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