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This species is rare in the U.S. and until now has not been available. They require higher temps and no water. The female is about 2 1/2" while her mate is about 2 1/4". The male likes to eat as much as the female. I keep them together and do not have any incidents, This is no guarantee that you will have the same luck. A good container for this species to be kept together is the large cave or the  large Hex or small cave. This species is kept only as a pet and cannot be released into the US. Don't forget the airplants, mantis like sit on them.

Blepharopis mendica sold out

  • These are really easy to keep, you feed and no water, but once every other week u can give it a drink if you like. But they really don't require it
     as they get it from their food. They are beautiful as adult and live for a long time. They make a unique pet for people who want something easy to care for and give a lot of comfort having them around.

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