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A beautiful mantis reaching about 3" and very much the king of the forest! The males are smaller and more slender than the females, and their wings resemble a mans tie! They come in a variety of browns, from light to dark. When on the forest floor they resemble a leaf so much, one would have to look twice to decide if a leaf or mantis! This species is kept only as a pet and cannot be released in the U.S. They eat house flies, blue bottle flies & other flying insects. They like to drink so give them a misting each day.  Picture is coming soon, this pic is of the dessicata dead leaf.

Deroplatys truncata

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  • These do not like it real hot, room temps are fine. Feed each day but do not ever over feed. Give a nice mist of clean old ( sitting a day) water to mantis each day, do not spray mantis. Remove food when not eating after 20 minutes as it may be going into a molt.

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