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Origin: Asia, common name:The Giant Shield Mantis is part of the Rhombodera genus of mantis which contains many different species below it. All specimens in this genus are large, native throughout Asia, and are known to have bigger sheilds then the normal g. asian mantis. This will come with mantis, Nice container with feeder hole, flowers, food & spray bottle.

Giant Shield Mantis (R. megaera) Kit

  •  The Hierodula Membranacea (Giant Asian) mantis is originally from Asia. The Giant Asian mantis is the perfect mantis for the beginner hobbyist! This species is kept as a pet only and can not be released in the U. S. Size is a large species reaching close to 4". Their color ranges from yellow, lime green up to a musty brown. They are a docile mantis but very bulky & strong. They have a vigorous appetite. A good container for them is the Large Cave, Medium Cave or X Large Round.

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