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House fly medium for culturing your own flies. Included is all you need other than water. This is made just for culturing your own house flies, it is what the professionals use. Directions are simple, Take out the amount you want to use and just add water till the mix is moist but not squeezeble wet, add the flies and wait. When they lay you will see the maggots moving around just like in a fruit fly culture. When they pupae & become hard just scrape the pupae off and refriderate or place in an insect cup to hatch. That's all there is to it, no smell and nasty meat to handle. If they fail to lay, soak slice of bread in a little milk for them.

This comes in a 1 - holding 3 cups of medium quart bag. I suggest using the 44 oz. cup and mesh lid to culture these. Please use supply shipping. Also don't forget to add the fly food for after they hatch and the Yens blend.

House fly Medium 1 quart bag- 3 cups

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