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This container comes with the medium for setting your fruit fly containers in to kill and avoid mites that inhabit the cultures. Just set the culture (the container, unopened) and keep it in this medium. When using the culture take a damp paper towel and wipe the medium off the container before opening to get out your flies. You can safely use this as it is food grade and safe. Just don't get it in the culture or on your insects as it will kill them. I use it all the time and that is why I do not have mites.  This provides for one fruit fly culture to sit in.  If you need more, purchase the 8oz product. Take supply shipping for these items.

Mite container for cultures

  • Directions forJust set your culture in the cup and when using the flies, use a damp paper towel to wipe product off of culture. You sometimes cannot see the mites, BUT you can always feel them. When picking up your fruit fly culture you can easily feel them. The container does not feel like plastic, but feels little bumps or like a film is on the container, that means you have mites. You do not necessary have to throw it out, place it in this product and within a week you will notice the container not feeling funny anymore. As time goes by, you will feel less and less. Throw out old cultures as they attract the mites and purchase new ones.

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