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Origin: Asia. Common name: boxer mantis, I do not have prints of these yet. they are a small boxer mantis and can eat melnogaster fruit flies, also eating springtails. That tells you how tiny these are. They are so cute. They can have any small container like the Desktop aquarium.

Otomantis nymphs

  • They are known as the boxer mantis, and a small fellow at that. From the Sudan and Mali. They only reach1 inch. They are brown in color and the females get really fat when adults.  They are a docile mantis and will get in the way when being fed. Not much scares them. They are called boxer because of the way their arms punch out in front of them when walking. This species is kept as a pet only and can not be released in the U. S. A good container for them is the Desktop Aquarium..

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