Budwing nymph, the Affinis is said to have pink inside wings when they are open. A smaller cousin to the P. Agrionia. Reaching about 2 1/5". They range in mottled colors of light brown to dark brown, their wings on the females do not extend all the way down the abdomen, but extend halfway making a pretty saddle. They are a hungry bunch and will mate easily. A good container for the Affinis is the Medium Round or the Medium Hexagon. This species is kept as a pet only and can not be released in the U. S

Parasphendale affinis nymph

  •  This is a nice mantis, the female has a pretty saddle as her wings do not extend all the way to her back end and is where she gets her common name! The female gets around 3". They are a mottled brown, w/aqua coloring on face, neck and leg areas.They have an excellent appetite. They originate from Africa. This species is kept as a pet only and can not be released in the U. S. They are a brave mantis and like to look around when taken out of their containers, A good size container for them is the Medium Hexagon or the Medium Cave. These container are large enough for mating and ooth laying.

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