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The Phyllocrania Paradoxa (Ghost) mantis. The Ghost mantis is sought after by newbie's to the hobby and veterans alike. This species is kept as a pet only and can not be released in the U. S. Size is a medium species reaching only about 2". Their color is either multi green, brown, dark brown almost black & a light beige. They are a docile mantis and do not roam around a lot. The largest container I keep them in is the Desktop Aquarium.  This mantis as a nymph is the hardest to control! Upon opening their container they like to climb up to the very top and climb onto your hands, which makes it hard to get them back into the containers! I call them my "stinkin babies".  Kit has everything you need for it's living. Includes an aquarium, spray bottle, feeder flies, decorative flowers & mantis. 

Phyllocrania Paradoxa Nymph Kit

    Phyllocrania paradoxa At 3 inches as an adult, you would miss this little camouflage expert in the wild. Colors range from dark brown to light green or golden.

    Food - Ghost Mantis wait for their meals; The meal must come within reach. Flies are the best food source, but most adult females really like Blue bottle flies & moths.

    Water - The ghost mantis needs misting every day, and is able to live in 60% humidity.

    Housing - Temperature is about 80 degrees, although they are quite forgiving. The Ghost mantis can be housed together as cannibalism is not the rule. Have enough food and perching places available, and you have yourself a breeding colony!

    Difficulty - Not a hard species to have at all, and the camouflage is unbelievable! Captive bred.

    Summary - Incredible appearance, communal, and they don’t eat each other with an ample supply of feeder insects - what’s not to like about this species?

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