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Cup-O-Flies sponge instead of wood chips.. Directions for Cup-O-Flies below. Includes sponge only.

Sponge for cup o fly

  • Place a small layer of Pine Wood Chips or Natural Wood SawDust into one of the cups inside the Cup-O-Flies Container and the amount of Housefly or Blue Bottle fly pupae you want to hatch on top of the Chips. Put another small amount of Pine Wood Chips into the second small cup which will be used for water (so the flies do not drown) and honey or our Fly Food in the last small cup, (we also use the Humidity Foam for the water cup, giving you many products and options for your feeder insects). Seal the lid tightly, and flies will begin hatching in a few days. Allow the flies to eat and drink before feeding them to your pet. To minimize escaping flies when transferring them into your pet’s enclosure, put the Cup-O-Flies container into the refrigerator which will put the flies into a dormant state (or in the freezer for 90 seconds). Once the flies stop moving, open the container pull out the three small cups, and pour the dormant flies into the pets habitat. Before sealing the Cup-O-Flies, add more pupae, (Please see Feeder insect care sheets) Honey or Fly Food and water if needed.

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