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There once was an old woman who lived in a tree, she had so many babies she didn't know what to do...


So she gave them some dinner and put them all to bed!


And all the creatures gathered round, and not a sound was found while they gazed in amazement at the new born King!

Welcome to! has the largest selection of praying mantis pets in the world!

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The Best in the Business for Years

We are the largest and longest running praying mantis store anywhere, here since 2006! 

Need pest control for your garden or medical marijuana plants, searching for a pet , or just interested in learning more about mantises? We are also now selling Regal, Audax & coming soon Fartilis jumping spiders and some wild caught species. 

We've got you covered!

We're more than just praying mantids. Check out all of the amazing products and services offered at

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Praying Mantis

We sell healthy and happy praying mantises to be pets, work in your gardens, or for educational purposes.

Containers and Supplies

Once your praying mantis arrives, it is going to need a home! Luckily, we sell containers, supplies, and more to make your mantis right at home.


What are oothecas? An ootheca translates to "a place to keep," and these shells are made by female mantids to keep and protect her eggs.

Books and Educational Supplies

Praying mantises – and bugs, in general – are cool! Learn all about mantises and other insects from these scholarly resources.


These aren't mantises...these are jumping spiders! You will love them.

Kids Store

Who loves bugs more than anyone else? Kids! Check out our kids store, filled with bug jewelry, coloring books, toys, and more. 

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